Transfer Students

Admission of Transfer Students

Applicants are considered transfer students if they have enrolled for any college-level course work at another U.S. regionally accredited institution, full-time or part-time, since graduating from high school.  Applicants are not considered transfer students if the only college-level classes they have taken were while enrolled in high school.  To be considered for admission, transfer students must report all previous college work and have official transcripts forwarded to the Admissions Office directly from the issuing institution.  Students who have successfully completed less than 15 semester hours of college credit must have high school transcripts indicating date of graduation or proof of successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) Test sent directly to the Admissions Office from the issuing institution.  Transcripts received by the University become the property of the University and will not be given to the student or reproduced under any circumstances.

IMPORTANT:  All foreign transcripts must be converted to US standards by one of the following U.S evaluation service companies listed below. An official course for course evaluation must be sent directly to Admissions Office.

Evaluation Companies Website
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
International Education research Foundations, Inc. (IERF)
World Education Services, Inc. (WES)


Satisfactory Academic Performance

Transfer students must demonstrate satisfactory academic performance as evidenced by an overall grade point average of 2.00 or better on a 4.00 scale on all college work attempted and be in good academic standing at their last institution of attendance. 

Conditional Admission of Transfer Students

Students who do not have a cumulative (overall) grade point average of at least 2.00 or were not in good academic standing at their last institution of attendance may be admitted to the University on probation if one of the following is applicable:

  • The student has an overall grade point average of 1.90 or better on a 4.00 grade point scale.
  • The student has completed a total of less than 15 semester hours with an overall grade point average of less than 2.00 on a 4.00 grade scale

Students admitted on conditional admission must maintain a grade point average of 2.00 or better during their first semester of enrollment to be eligible for continued enrollment.

General Education Requirements Waiver 

The General Education Waiver is strictly for those students who have earned an Associate Degree from another institution.  The waiver request must be approved by the Program Department and the College Dean of the Bachelor's degree the student wish to pursue.

Request to Waive GE Requirements

Transfer of College-Level Credit 

Transfer students’ transcripts must be forwarded by the Registrar of the institution previously attended directly to the Registrar at the University of Guam. Determination of acceptable courses and credit hours from other institutions and the particular courses which will apply toward the completion of the student's program will be made by the Registrar of the University of Guam.  The major program faculty and relevant Dean recommend course equivalencies for major or upper level courses.  For other courses, the discipline Faculty, Dean or General Education Committee will often recommend equivalencies. 

All degree level courses completed at any university, along with their grades, will be recorded on the University of Guam transcript with the credits accepted for transfer indicated. The recording procedures will be determined by the Office of Admission and Records, and an effort will be made to provide information for academic advisement as soon as possible. 

Credits earned from other institutions are evaluated for transfer on the basis of a minimum of C, and the maximum number of credit hours allowed is assigned on this basis. A student's cumulative grade-point standing at the University will, at any time, be based on all academic work attempted at the University of Guam and at the institution(s) from which the student transferred. 

Students requesting evaluation of credits from unaccredited institutions (those not listed in directories such as Accredited Institutions of Post-Secondary Education) must submit a copy of the school catalog and, if necessary, supportive information from the school's Registrar, in order to have their credits evaluated. Credit acceptance will be based on the recommendations of the University of Guam department offering similar courses (after the unit is requested by the Office of Admissions and Records to evaluate the credits.)  The Registrar’s decision is final.  Furthermore, students must earn thirty (30) semester hours at the University before an evaluation can be made. 

Lower-division transfer courses that are equated to upper-division courses at the University of Guam do not carry upper-division credits, even though they may satisfy certain University of Guam upper-division course requirements.  They do not relieve the student of the requirement of having a minimum of 40 upper-division credits for graduation. 

Articulation Matrices for Regional Community Colleges


For more information, contact:

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