Center for Island Sustainability

Center for Island Sustainability

Center for Island Sustainability



Established in 2009 through the leadership of Dr. Robert A. Underwood, CIS has been working hard to develop an islands-based model for sustainability.  The Center is the focal Institute at the University of Guam for adapting and modeling sustainable technologies that meet the needs of island communities in the broader areas of the environment, economy, society, and education. 

Join us at our 10th UOG Regional Conference on Island Sustainability this April!

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In celebration of Earth Day, listen to 'The Rising Tide' by Mia Doi Todd

Used with permission from Mia Doi Todd


UOG Student Arielle Lowe Recites Rhino Beetle Poem

UOG Student Arielle Lowe attended the Environmental Writing on the Beach Workshop hosted by guest speaker for the 7th Regional Center for Island Sustainability Conference Dr. Scott Slovic on April 12.

As a result, Lowe wrote a poem about the rhinoceros beetle that has affected a large population of the coconut trees on island.

Video courtesy of the Tourism Education Council.

The Tourism Education Council wants to recognize and thank the following:

Exigent Films/James Davis Pictures
Arielle Lowe
Roland Quitigua of UOG Extension and Outreach
and all the children of Guam who will hopefully teacher their parents how to stop the rhino beetle from further destroying our way of life on Guam.



Student contest Winners Explore Environmental Effects of Tourism at CIS Conference

The University of Guam has announced the winners of the 6th Regional Center for Island Sustainability Conference essay contest. 

This year’s theme of “Two Million Too Many?” references the Guam Visitors Bureau’s goal to welcome two million tourists to the island by the year 2020, a 50 percent increase in five years. 

The essay asked students to explore the factors impacting the environment and quality of life needed to pursue this goal in either a written or video format.

First place in the written essay contest was awarded to senior finance and economics major Huy Tran, who won a cash prize of $500 and second place was given to sophomore economics major Aquarin Iriarte, who won a cash prize of $250.

Freshman biology major Marcel Jardeleza won first place in the video essay and $1,000, and freshmen Francis Valencia and Cabrini Rivera won second place and $500. 

PDF iconRead Huy Tran's Essay
View Video Essay Winner Marcel Jardeleza's Video below:



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