Center for Island Sustainability

About CIS

Center for Island Sustainability


Mission Statement

The Center for Island Sustainability will create an Islands-based model of renewable, sustainable & appropriate technologies focusing on indigenous energy alternatives & replicable research to meet the needs of island communities in the broader areas of Environment, Economy, Society, and Education.

House #32- A Sustainable Model

CIS adopted House #32 in the Dean's Circle of UOG to house the center as well as use this building as a demonstration model for a sustainable building. House #32, along with the other 35 former homes in the Dean's Circle, were built in the 1960's and were not designed to be energy efficient for today's standards. In 2011, CIS retrofitted House #32 to become a much more energy efficient building. Visit us today for a tour of House #32 and learn how we only pay about $14 every month for power.