Household Income Expenditure Survey

Household Income Expenditure Survey

Survey takers will be visiting a random sample of households throughout Guam in from June to September to collect information on household expenses, consumption, and income.

The Survey will provide information about:

  • Numbers and characteristics of school children receiving free or reduced meals.
  • Patterns of household expenditures to adjust weights for the Consumer Price Index
  • The distribution of income and expenditures throughout Guam
  • Home production activities
  • Nutrition and food consumption patterns for Guam 's families
  • The general health of Guam's population by age and sex, ethnicity, birthplace and migration
  • Attitudes of Guam's population about the military build-up

Your answers will contribute in determining federal cost reimbursements for providing free and reduced meals to our school children. Answer the survey and help ensure our schools secure its fair share of funding to provide healthy, nutritious meals to our children.

Answer the survey to help improve Guam!

Contact us

Phone: (671)735-2060/51
HIES Office: University of Guam Agriculture and Life Sciences Building, Room 228 303 University Drive Mangilao, Guam 96913


How do I identify a HIES Survey Worker?

All survey workers are wearing UOG official safety vests and carrying a picture ID. They will also have HIES signage visible on their vehicles.

What is the Household Income Expenditure Survey (HIES) about?

  • Determines general spending patterns and living standards
  • Provides basis for measuring inflation
  • Provides information to determine raises and benefits
  • Used to help design social and educational programs
  • Diaries detail household nutrition patterns, food consumption in the house, at fast food places and restaurants, and of home production activities, such as fishing and growing taro.
  • Shows demographic, social and economic trends
  • Shows relationship of income to expenditures

How was I selected for this survey?

  • Households are selected randomly
  • 5% of Guam's households-1 in every 20 houses or apartments
  • Total of 2,500 households
  • Some households in every village

Do I have to participate?

  • Survey is voluntary
  • Interview takes about an hour
  • Households record expenditures for a week
  • Results form the base for showing inflation
  • Government and Private companies use results to determine salary raises

Will information I provide be confidential?

  • Guam laws require confidentiality
  • Survey results cannot identify individual or house
  • Survey results ONLY in compiled form

Download the HIES flyer here.