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English Language Institute (ELI)

English Language Institute

About the English Language Institute


The English Language Institute at the University of Guam has offered classes in English as a Second Language since 1979. Programs are offered throughout the year. The principal purpose of the Institute is to prepare students for University enrollment.

Students attend daily classes to improve writing skills, conversation and listening skills, reading comprehension, and study skills. This program helps students to gain confidence using English. The goal of the English Language Institute is to prepare students to compete successfully with American university students.


The English Language Institute welcomes all individuals regardless of national origin who have completed secondary education and who are at least 18 years of age. No previous knowledge of English is necessary. The ELI is committed to quality education and the development of language skills and cultural understanding among its students.

The ELI also accepts and affirms its students' different academic, cultural, and social values. We encourage students to recognize and develop additional values, skills, and strategies which will help them to work effectively and successfully in English.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the English Language Institute have extensive teaching experience and training in Teaching English as a Second Language. In addition, both teachers and staff have international teaching and work experience. The ELI is administered by a Director who has a full time ELI Coordinator who advise, counsel, and assist students.


Students at the English Language Institute are placed into levels of instruction after extensive placement testing. After the end of each semester, students are again tested.

Students who have successfully mastered a level continue on to a higher level. A minimum TOEFL score of 500 is required for admission to the University of Guam.



英文語言學院(English Language Institute)








英文語言學院(ELI)歡迎所有人,不論國籍,只要是完成中學以上的學歷;或者是任何已經年滿18歲的成年人,沒有學過英文也沒有關係。ELI 保證給學生一個優質的英文教育以及能力的提升,並且幫助國際學生交流與了解彼此的文化。