Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator Journal

Micronesian Educator journal

Volume 32, Fañomnåkan 2022

Published July 2022

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Part One: Essays and Articles
  • Critical Pedagogy and Mediated Place: Communication Education in Oceania During Social Distancing

    Hunter H. Fine

  • Contributions of Literature to a Thematic Exhibition of Cultural Education: An Asian Experience of Jin Yong’s Gallery

    Kevin K.W. Ho, Wenhui Deng, Giny Yung-Ling Chin, Dickson K.W. Chiu

  • Ginen Tåya' CHamoru" asta Lina'la' i Fino' CHamoru ginen Tinige'/Popblikasion yan Guinahan Libiria: From “No Chamorro” to Survival of the CHamoru Language through Publications and Library Resources

    Perry J.C. Pangelinan, Roland San Nicolas

  • Using Action Research to Implement Problem-Based Learning in Tax Ethics

    Martha G. Suez-Sales

  • Oceans of Energy within Micronesia’. Micronesian Adult Learners in Education: University of Guam Partnerships within Micronesia and the Western Pacific

    Jackyshaw N. Green, Joann Diego

  • Viewing Writing and Mathematics as One Intertwined Process

    Raymond Paulino

  • Self-Care Among Counseling Students: A Call to Action

    Dulce Amor Imbo

  • Smartphone Use: Perceptions and Opinions of Undergraduate Students

    Kathrine J. Gutierrez, Mary Jane Miller

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness

    Genevieve C. Leon Guerrero

  • Localizing Literary Theory in the Context of Guåhan and her Peoples

    Edward F. Acfalle, Jr.

  • Preliminary Discussion of Behemoth, or The Spell

    C.S. Schreiner

Part Two: Book Reviews
  • Review of Maryanne Wolf, Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World/p>

    Paulette Coulter

  • Review of Lothar Käser, A Chuukese Theory of Personhood: The Concepts of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit on the islands of Chuuk (Micronesia)

    Lisa N. Dereas

  • Review of Margarita Mooney, The Love of Learning: Seven Dialogues on the Liberal Arts

    C.S. Schreiner

Part Three: Poetry
  • The Agat Taco Shack; Three Poems

    David Gugin