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Section One: Feature Articles
  • Military Activities in Non-Self-Governing Territories as an Impediment to Decolonization

Carlyle Corbin

  • An Assessment of the Military Economy on Guåhan (Guam)

LisaLinda S. Natividad

  • The Psychological Impact of Militarization on CHamorus

Lisa V. Baza

  • Access to Åmot Chamoru Behind Guåhan’s Military Fences

Tricia Lizama

  • Counter Military Recruitment Efforts in Guåhan’s Public High Schools: The Case of Na‘matatnga I Manhoben

Kisha Borja-Quichocho-Calvo

  • Securing Nature: Militarization and the Environment in the Northern Mariana Islands

Theresa (Isa) Arriola

  • Conducting Women-Centered (Re)search as Resistance in the Marianas Archipelago

Sylvia C. Frain

Section Two: Testimonies & Educator Reflections
  • Testimony in Opposition to Legislative Resolution No. 294-34 (COR)

Hope Cristobal

  • Poetry as Political Activism and Resistance: Reflections from Guåhan to the United Nations

Melvin Won Pat Borja

Section Three: Book Reviews
  • Review of Keith Camacho’s Sacred Men: Law, Torture, and Retribution in Guam

LeeAna Acfalle

  • Review of Sasha Davis’ The Empire’s Edge: Militarization, Resistance, and Transcending Hegemony in the Pacific

Jesi Lujan Bennett

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Section One: Feature Articles
  • Fijian Teachers Working Across Pacific Borders: Identities, Pedagogies, and Sense of Differences

Greg Burnett, Mereseini Tikoduadua, and Govinda I. Lingam

  • The Effects of Review Games Using Kahoot! on Students’ Quiz Scores

Ihmar L. Aldana

  • SolarSPELL and Its Effects of Student Engagement and Test Scores

John Arby G. Pacheco

  • The Effects of Choral Reading and Peer Discussion in Small Groups on Reading Fluency and Comprehension in a Third Grade Classroom

Alyxandra Borja Reyes

  • Education for Sustainable Development: Education as If Our Islands Matter

Deborah Ellen

  • Formative Assessments as Feedback: The Case of Blended Assessment

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

Section Two: Critical Essays
  • Optimal Class Size for Online Education in Pasifika Contexts

Stephen Fox

  • Complicating the Mother(land) in Mia Alvar’s In the Country: A Critique of Power and Performance in the Filipino Household

Nikko Capati

  • God’s Song: G.M. Hopkins and the Poem as Prayer

David Gugin

  • Woe Betide You the Truth Be Told: Linguistic Corruption as Pedagogical Tool

Joff P. N. Bradley

  • Underhill Academy: An Anecdotal History of the Future

C. S. Schreiner

Section Three: Book Reviews
  • Review of Aaron Johnson, Online Teaching with Zoom: A Guide for Teaching and Learning with Videoconference Platforms, and Doug Lemov, Teach Like a Champion Team. Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

Paulette Coulter

  • Review of Charles Taylor’s The Malaise of Modernity

David Harrington

  • Review of Dean Itsuji Saranillio’s Unsustainable Empire: Alternative Histories of Hawai‘i

Ha'åni L. San Nicolas

  • Review of Stanley Crouch’s Don’t the Moon Look Lonesome: A Novel in Blues and Swing

James Seymour

  • Review of Howard Gardner’s A Synthesizing Mind

C. S. Schreiner

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  • Guam Community College’s CLYMER Program: Helping Students Achieve Student Success in English and Mathematics

R. Gary Hartz

  • Composition Redesigned at the University of Guam: A Narrative of Transformation

Carol D. Simpson-Warner, Christopher Balajadia Garcia-Santos, Teresita L. Perez and Sharleen Q. Santos-Bamba

  • Inadentefikan chinatsaga ni' kumontribubuyi i kinaguan tinaka' siha para i lalåhen CHamoru gi i Unibetsedåt Guåhan: Identifying Hurdles Contributing to Achievement Gaps of CHamoru Males at the University of Guam

Perry J. C. Pangelinan

  • Operationalizing Service Learning at the University of Guam

Sereana H. Dresbach, Kirk Johnson, and Tricia Lizama

  • First Year Student Engagement as a Predictor of Student Success: A Predictive Model

Nicolas Yasuhiro

  • Protective Factors for Academic Motivation Among College Students

Yoshito Kawabata and Jean Margarette Santos

  • Building a Student Success Profile at a Minority Serving Institution

Grazyna Badowski and Troy McVey

  • Predicting and Enhancing First Year to Sophomore Student Retention at the University of Guam

Kyle D. Smith

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Section One: Research Articles
  • Developing Effective Culturally Specific Sexual Misconduct Policies and Prevention Strategies for Campuses in Micronesia

Cynthia Cabot, Lisa Linda Natividad, John Rivera, Grazyna Badowski, Chelsea Fama, Jesse
Quenga, Louis Dulana, and Rodney Teria

  • Should ESL Teachers Push-In in Guam?

Lynsey Lee

  • Successful Launching Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at the University of Guam

Leslie Aquino and Hyunju Oh

  • Assessment of Problem-Solving Skills based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy in relation to Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

Zoltán Székely

  • Factors in Success among University Students

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

Section Two: Essays
  • Is Guåhan Going Green? Applying Four Theories of Environmental Philosophy

James Sellmann

  • Teaching Time: Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner’s Critique of Bioregionalism

David Gugin

  • Not the Super Man, but the Saved Man: Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Christen Dimalanta

  • The Origin of Originality

C. S. Schreiner

Section Three: Book Reviews
  • Review of Caroline Criado Perez’s Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Paulette Coulter

  • Review of Carlos Madrid’s Beyond Distances: Governance, Politics and Deportation in the Mariana Islands from 1870 to 1877

Perry J. C. Pangelinan

  • Review of Paul Kingsnorth’s Savage Gods

C. S. Schreiner

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Section One: Research Articles
  • Enhancing College Students’ Basic Skills in Quantitative Analyses of Research Data: A Case Study

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

  • Preparing ESL Students for Autonomy: A Case Study in Macau

Evelyn Doman

  • Historical Images of Women in CHamoru Culture

Camarin G. Meno and Iain K. B. Twaddle

Section Two: Action Research
  • The Effects of Immersion Teaching in an Elementary CHamoru Classroom

Thelma Soriano

  • Effects of Literacy Learning Centers in Increasing Sight Word Recognition among First- Grade Students in a Public School on Guam

Christine Velasco

  • The Impact of a Classroom Job System on Student Classroom Behaviors

Sara Manibusan

  • Chronic Absenteeism in a Second Chance School: What are the Root Causes and How Do We Mitigate It?

Melissa C. Meno

  • Impact of Mathematical Learning Centers in a Fourth Grade Class on Guam

Carla Santelli

Section Three: Critical Essays
  • Stieglerian Meditations

C. S. Schreiner

  • On Returning to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five

John Currie

  • Confessions of a Copyeditor

Michel Pharand

  • A Tale of Two Classrooms

Paulette Coulter

Section Four: Book Reviews
  • Review of Sayak Valencia’s Gore Capital (Semiotexte/MIT Press, 2018)

Christina Lee

  • Review of Jenny Hval’s Paradise Rot (Verso Books, 2018)

Via Justine de Fant

  • Review of James C. Scott’s Two Cheers for Anarchism (Princeton UP, 2012)

C. S. Schreiner

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Research Articles

  • Identified Strengths of Chamorro College Students Attending US Mainland Colleges and Universities

     Kristianna S. Whitman

  • Commentary: Teacher Retention and Attrition and University of Guam Teacher Candidates

     Mary Jane Miller

  • Developing Undergraduate Pre-Service K-12 Teachers into Autonomous Researchers: A Case Study on Guam

     Evelyn Doman

  • Facilitating the Learning of the Art of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy at Chao Shao-an Gallery in Hong Kong

     Ying Chen, Dickson Chiu, and Kevin Ho

  • First Generation Students: Advising, Tutoring and Mentoring (ATM) Processes

     James Sellmann

  • Break / Brake? Mouse / Mousse? Lose/Loose? Spelling Problems, the (His)Story of English, and Teaching Strategies for Teachers

     Clarisa Quan and Catherine Stoicovy

Critical Essays

  • Song of the Waif (Heterology of the Bereft)

      C. S. Schreiner

  • The Sunken Place: An Analysis of Contemporary Rap Music Aesthetics and the Individuation of the Black American Collective

     Christine Lee

  • The Elusiveness of Originality: An Explication of Fan Culture and Fan Fiction from the Perspective of Bernard Stiegler’s Symbolic Misery

     Monica G. Aquino

Book Reviews

  • Women Who Make a Fuss: Unfaithful Daughters of Virginia Woolf

     Reviewed by Paulette Coulter

  • What Are We Doing Here? Essays by Marilynne Robinson

     Reviewed by John Currie

  • Tokyo Decadence: 15 Stories by Ryu Murakami

     Reviewed by Christopher Cabrera

  • Tie Your Shoes, Kid: Poems by Meta Sarmiento

     Reviewed by Verna Zafra

  • Research, Write, Create: Connecting Scholarship and Digital Media

     Reviewed by Chris Garcia

  • Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students

     Reviewed by Diane Isis Thurber

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Teaching Strategies

  • Engaging Literacy Strategies for Adult English Language Learners in a Teacher Preparation Program

     Michelle Santos

  • The Effects of Scaffolding on the Achievement of Pre-service Teachers Who Speak English as a Second Language

     Evelyn Doman

Student Perceptions

  • The Impact of Action Research on Teachers’ Instructional Practices and their Students’ Learning Experiences in the K-12 Classroom

     Geraldine Sablan James, Mary Jane Miller, Cheryl Sangueza

  • Sound Perceptions and Self-Assessments of Japanese Language Learners at the Beginner Level

     Masumi Kai

  • Evaluation of a Sport Education Program in the Pacific Islands

     Jeremy Dorovolomo

Technical Reports

  • Use and Availability of Instructional Technology for Schools on Guam

     Dean Olah

  • Journal Reflections of Pre-Service Teachers during Teaching Practice on Fiji

     Kusum Prakash

Review Essay

  • I App, Therefore I, Like, Sort of Am (for now)

     Reviewed by C. S. Schreiner

Book Reviews

  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – by Rebecca Skloot

     Reviewed by Jason Vest

  • Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked – by Adam Alter

     Reviewed by Paulette M. Coulter

  • Survivance, Sovereignty, and Story: Teaching American Indian Rhetorics –by Lisa King, Rose Gubele, and Joyce Rain

     Reviewed by Pauline Baird

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Perspectives, Reports and Commentary

  • Instructional Technology and MultiMedia as Change for Teaching and Learning Opportunities in Micronesia and Wider Oceania: The Use of MultiMedia OERs in Pacific Primary and Secondary Education

Ian Thompson

  • From the Caribbean to Pacific: A Writing Teacher’s Odyssey with Technology

Pauline Baird

  • Photographing FestPac: Confessions of a Self-taught Shutterbug

Donald Rubenstein

  • An Introduction to Chromebooks for Education

Dean Olah

  • Technology in a Rural School

María Eugenia Trillo, Deirdre Sue Bizarro, Esther Kovari, Shari Osgood

  • Engaging Adolescents with the New Digital Literacies

Anne Marie Harvey

  • Minority Report on the Role of Critique in Technically Fortified Learning Culture

C. S. Schreiner

Action Research

  • The Effect of Multimedia-Based Instruction in Increasing ESL Students Test Scores in Eighth Grade Language Arts

Doris Maria Techaira

  • Increasing Student Achievement Through the Use of Technology in Art: An Action Research Study Done on Guam

Ai Miwa

  • The Results of Interactive Whiteboard Technology Usage on Oral Reading Rates for Second and Third Grade English Language Learners

Katrina Rose Iriarte Baza

Academic Research

  • Survey and Analysis of Online Learning Experiences and Expectations Among University of Guam Teacher Candidates

Mary Jane Miller, Geraldine James

  • Digital Literacy: How Can the Flipped Classroom Help?

Evelyn Doman

  • Teachers' Perception of the Role of a Technology Integration Coach, an Ethnographic Case Study

Jackie Brandstetter Luft, Nancy Maushak

  • Japanese Undergraduate Students' English Communication Problems and Learning Motivation Outside Formal Classroom Environment

Patrick Lo, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Kevin K.W. Ho

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Research/Theoretical or Position Papers in School and Education Alternatives for Indigenous Groups and Second Language Learners

  • Technological Empowerment: A Case Study of the Flipped Classroom in Macao, China

Evelyn Doman

  • Japanese Undergraduate Students' English Communication Problems and Learning Motivation outside Formal Classroom Environment

Patrick Lo, Dickson K. W. Chiu, Kevin K. W. Ho

  • Māori Academic Success: Why the Deficit Perspectives?

S ‘Apo’ Aporosa

  • The Implementation of English and Western Education on the Island of Guam

Deborah Ellen

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Education in Oceania

  • Theorizing a Decade of Pacific Rethinking [Education]: A Realist View of Emerging Pacific Research

Kabini Sanga

  • The Politics of Security and Insecurity in Fiji: Delving into and Including Indigenous Epistemologies and Knowledge Systems - Implications for Education in Fiji

Alumita Durutalo

  • Technological Adaptations of Abaknon Fishers in Capul, Northern Samar: How Ocean Currents Contribute to Resourcefulness and Transformation

Tito M. Cabili

Essay – The 4-H Initiative as a Long Standing Alternative to Formal Education in Guam and the US

  • Weaving the Micronesian 4-H Initiative: An Exploratory Study of Youth Development Programs on Guam

Peter R. Barcinas, Clifford Kyota, Victoria Ann Santos, Anthony Ada

  • Writing the Wrongs - Poetry as Resistance and Survivance: “Kantan Chamorittas” in the 21st Century

Kisha Borja-Quichocho-Calvo

Keynote Speech and Interview: Tuna Economy as a Real Alternative in the Region after COFA – What does that mean for the University and HR Development?

  • Keynote Address by the CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement PNA, RMI, Micronesia

Transform Aqorau, with interview by Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

Book Reviews

  • All her Faculties: The Representation of the Female Mind in the Twentieth-Century English Novel. By Rosenhan, Claudia

Paulette M. Coulter

  • Challenging Gender Norms: Five Genders Among Bugis in Indonesia. By Sharyn Graham Davies

Dan Ho

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  • Comparative Political Development in the United States-administered Pacific Dependencies

Carlyle G. Corbin

  • Chamoru Self-Determination and the Rhetoric of Both/Neither in United Nations Testimonies

Tiara R. Na’puti

  • An Appraisal of Self-determination Under International Law

Julian Aguon

  • Trongkon Niyok - A Symbol of Settlement, Survival, Sustainability and Self-Determination for the People of Guåhan

Moñeka De Oro

  • Identity and Self-determination in Guam: A Chamorro Homeland - An American Colony

Mary Therese F. Cruz

  • Dies Mit: The Origin and End of Chamorro Self-Determination

Robert A. Underwood


  • ginen fatal impact statements

Craig Santos Perez


  • Estague i Kinahulo' i Manhoben

Kenneth Gofigan Kuper


  • Statement of the Non-self-governing Territory of Guam to the Pacific Regional Seminar on the Implementation of the Third Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism in Nadi, Fiji, from 21 May to 23 May 2014

Edward A. Alvarez


  • Presentation to the 4th Annual Micronesia Non-Profit Congress on Self-determination, Migration

Felicidad T. Ogumoro

Book Reviews

  • Sinångan ginen i Pachot: Estorian Pasifiku ginen Guåhan (Word of Mouth: Pacific Stories from Guam)

Kelley Bowman

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Embracing Philosophical Diversities to Enhance Education

  • Chinese Philosophy of Education and Student Learning Outcomes

James D. Sellmann

  • Where are the Cowrie Shells Hidden? Repositories of an Indigenous Pacific Ethical System

Kabini Sanga

Pedagogical Diversities to Enhance Learning

  • A Flexible Delivery Teacher Education Strategy in Micronesia

Terence Sullivan, Penelope Serow, Neil Taylor, Greg Burnett, Jodana Tarrant, Dianne Smardon, Emily Angell

  • Environmental Awareness in a Teacher Education Course in Fiji through Outdoor Education

Jeremy Dorovolomo

  • Learning Japanese through Social Network Sites: A Preliminary Study of Chinese Learners' Perceptions

Qiudi Zhang, Biyun Huang, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Kevin K.W. Ho

Indigenous and Migrant Micronesian Spaces in Curriculum and Schooling

  • Reclaiming Indigenous Knowledges in Formal Education – Pacific Literature in Secondary Classrooms on Guåhan

Kisha A. Borja-Quichocho

  • Perceptions of Immigrant Students from Micronesia Regarding Success in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study

Josephine Cruz, Geraldine Sablan James

Issues of Writing at Two Pacific Universities (University of Guam and the University of the South Pacific)

  • Isolating Writing Strengths and Weaknesses in New Freshmen at the University of Guam

Sharleen Santos-Bamba

  • Understanding Instances of Plagiarism in Third-Year Accounting Students at the University of the South Pacific

Roshila Singh

Critical Essay

  • School Leadership in Papua New Guinea (PNG): Issues and Realities - A Critical Essay

Jillian Thiele

Book Review

  • Writing across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing - By Kathleen Blake Yancey, Liane Robertson, and Kara Taczak

David Gugin

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  • The Cost of Schooling for Micronesian Students

Stephanie H. Kamai

  • (Re-)constructing Identity: Historical Linguistics as a Means for Exploring Austronesian Pan-ethnic Identity

Emerson Lopez Odango

  • Currents among People: Social Network Theory of Linguistic Change Applied to the Micronesian Communities in Hawai’i Education

Nikolas D. Willson

  • Notes from my “Native” Daughter

David W. Kupferman

  • Don’t Ever Whisper: Darlene Keju – Pacific Health Pioneer, Champion for Nuclear Survivors

Suzanne Falgout

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Languaging and Multiple Representations of Thought and Wisdom: Social Media, Orality, Literacy, and Textisms

  • From Orality to Literacy and to Orality Again: A Story of Story

Pio Manoa [with Introduction by Lucyann Kerry]

  • Survival of the Focused: Bernard Stiegler's Phenomenology of Attention Capture in the Era of Social Media

Chris S. Schreiner

  • Textisms and Literacy in Adolescents: Revolt(ing) English

Tabitha Espina Velasco

Pedagogical and Epistemological Diversities in Education, Politics, and Life

  • The Silence which has Woven My Life Together

Eduardo C. Fernández

  • Silence/Absence as Passive Resistance in Fiji: A Case Study of Indigenous Ecotourism Development in Taveuni

Trisia Farrelly

  • Sowing Representative Democracy in the Kingdom of Tonga: The 2010 Elections and Future Implications for Political Education

Alumita Durutalo, Gordon Nanau, Desmond Amosa, Anchie Mona Latu

Diversities in Education Delivery for Different Contexts

  • Teacher Educators and Indigenous Rights in a Complex, Multicultural, but Uncertain Future

Zane Ma Rhea

  • Perspectives of Gender Roles in a Selection of Oral Traditions: Folklore and its Implications on Multicultural Counseling on Guam

Beverly G. Alave, Margaret T. Artero

  • The Effect of Reading Curriculum and Ethnicity on Elementary School Students' Reading Achievement

Pretzel Ann Hecita Baleto, Geraldine Sablan James

Education for Sustainable Development

  • Getting to the 'Heart' of the Matter: Health, Well-being & Education for Sustainability. Introducing Health Promoting Schools in Fiji

Cresantia Frances Koya

  • Going Green is a Focus in College Coursework

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

Critical Essay

  • Continuing the Conversation

Francis X. Hezel, SJ

Talanoa [Dialogue] with the President, University of Guam

  • An Interview with Dr. Robert Underwood

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Curriculum Issues, Teaching & Learning

  • Chamorro Songs as a Resource for the Guam History Classroom

Michael R. Clement Jr.

  • How Learning Objectives, Outcomes, and Assessments Can Guide Online Course Design: A Case Study

Yukiko Inoue-Smith

  • Discourses of gratitude: Understanding the Pacific postgraduate study experience through acknowledgement writing

Greg Burnett, Govinda I Lingam

  • Standards-Based Assessment and E-Portfolio: Enhancing Accountability in Teacher Education

Lou Ferrer, Catherine Stoicovy

  • Addressing Familial Stressors among Conflicted Adolescents: A Study on Guam

Lou Ferrer, Stephen Kane

Socio-Cultural, Political & Philosophical Foundations of Education

  • Preserving the Traditional Healing Practices of Guam’s Indigenous People: Implications for Social Work and the Curriculum

Tricia A. Lizama

  • Decolonization and the University of Guam

Michael Lujan Bevacqua

  • Understanding Indigenous Fijian Notions of Child Development within Global Influences: Some Views From the Literature

Lavinia Tausere-Tiko

Graduate Studies & Research

  • Evaluating Submission Modes: An Action Research Project Comparing Traditional and Online Methods of Homework Submission in a High School Social Studies Class on Guam

Timothy J. Smit

  • Grade Logs for Student Learning and Accountability: Action Research in Public High School Physical Science Classes on Guam

Hedi Frieders

Book Review

  • Disassembling and Decolonizing School in the Pacific

Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

Creative & Literary Works

  • If Anyone Were to Ask

P. K. Harmon

Talanoa [Dialogue] Ministerial/Directors of Education: Micronesia Pacific & Other Keynotes

  • Opening Address: 20TH Pacific Heads of Education Systems (PHES) Meeting

'Ana Maui Taufe'ulungaki

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