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Western Pacific Tropical Research Center turf scientists are conducting research to serve the needs of Guam and the Western Pacific region and to generate information that is beneficial to the scientific community outside of Guam.

Most recently, researchers have been investigating the use of turf to create rooftop gardens, which have been shown to substantially reduce electric bills. The use of tiles on rooftops has also been utilized as an energy saving technique. 

The links below will take you to fact sheets on various aspects of turfgrass:

Turfgrass Series

How to Prepare a Site

How to Prepare a Residential Lawn

How to use Vegetative Methods

How to Seed a Residential Lawn

How to Fertilize a Residential Lawn

Drainage for Flooded Lawns

Bermuda Lawns

St. Augustine Lawns

Centipede Lawns

Zoysia Lawns

Frequently asked questions about turf grass

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